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Spintechs® Spin Mat

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Limited Edition Special

Meet Spintechs® – batting equipment that spins the ball for you, enhancing the bounce and the speed of the ball.

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Created to enhance the spin of the ball. Spintechs® Spin Mat is made from the highest quality rubber and is light and easy to carry. It features square edges and a flat surface with a branded string bag to transport with ease.


  • Made for highest performance.
  • 1m x 1m x 8mm blue Spintechs® Spin Mat.
  • One branded Spintechs® string bag included with each Spintechs® Spin Mat.
  • Each Spintechs® Spin Mat is specifically modified, manufactured and tested in “S-like” curves with individual rounded rubber nodules to enhance the spin.
  • Ball and bat are not included.
  • Non-slip extra grip effect.
  • Heavy duty rubber that is extra bouncy.
  • No set ups.
  • Safe and easy to use.