Quinton de Kock

(my team mates call me Quinny)

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From as young as I can remember, it was my dream to become one of the best cricket players in South Africa. From then on, it was decided, that’s what I was going to be.

I played and practised every day of my life. I lived cricket and breathed it. It was my greatest love. Every day after school, if I wasn’t playing in matches or at practise, when I got home, between my dad, mom and two sisters, there was always someone to bowl for me.

Finally with a lot of hard work and a passion for the game, I was discovered at school. I soon joined the under-19 team for the Cricket World Cup. I now proudly represent the South African men’s side (Proteas), the Titans provincial team and the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

Through my dedication to cricket, and my passion for the game, in 2016, I became the ICC ODI Cricket player of the year, the South African Cricketer of the year, the Test Cricketer of the year, the ODI Cricketer of the year, the South African Player of the year and the South African Fans player of the year, for which I was awarded at the CSA Awards.

Today, I am so grateful for every opportunity given to me, and I can proudly say that dreams do come true, but with a lot of work and practise.

It is now more than ever that I want to give back to all of those who have believed in me: my family, my friends and my fans. Without your help, I would never have gotten to where I am today.

This is why I want to present every cricket player – amateur or professional, young or old, with Spintechs®, a product to help you practise playing the game you love.

Quinton de Kock